RFC and RAF Combat Reports, First World War

RFC and RAF combat reports from the First World War which include entries made by the following pilots: Captain A W Tedder, No 25 Squadron RFC (ts, 8 September 1916), Captain A Ball VC DSO MC, No 60 Squadron RFC (ms, 25 September 1916), Captain J C Slessor, No 5 Squadron RFC (ts, 25 August 1917), Captain A T Harris, No 45 Squadron RFC (ts, 27 August 1917), Captain E Mannock, No 40 Squadron RFC (ts, 4 September 1917), 2nd Lieutenant W J Douglas, No 8 Squadron RFC (ts, 12 September 1917), Sergeant J A McCudden, No 25 Squadron RFC (ts, 26 November 1917), J B McCudden VC DSO MC, No 56 Squadron RFC (ts, 29 December 1917), Lieutenant J I T Jones MC MM, No 74 Squadron RAF (1 June 1918), Major W A Bishop VC DSO MC, No 85 Squadron RAF (2 June 1918), and Captain H Kelly, No 3 Squadron RFC (undated, c 1915).

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